Help vanlifers to access essential services during the Coronavirus pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has left many people living in their motorhomes or other vehicles with difficulty accessing essential facilities, as campsites and other long-term park ups have closed, along with other facilities such as gyms and laundrettes.

If you are able to offer a safe place to park for someone in your local area, or assist with access to other facilities such as an outdoor tap, it would make a huge difference in helping someone to stay safe during the self-isolation period.

This service will be running until the corona situation is no longer present. After that all data will be deleted. If you have any questions, you can reach us on

Travellers in need

Check out the Vanlifelocation app to see if there is someone nearby you who can help.

If you have not found a suitable place in the VanlifeLocation app, check out this Facebook group and write your request there and someone in the community might be able to help you.

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